• Tess

The Latest

The past year has been a blur of change and activity. I quit teaching at the Golden Gate Atelier (but maintain the most fondness and respect for the school, and recommend it wholeheartedly for anyone trying to improve their classical art skills). I realized that being a studio painter and teacher wasn't the path for me -- I needed to find a career that was fast paced, creative, and collaborative.

After months of deliberation and talking to lots of people working in various creative professions, I settled on going into visual development for animation. I'm so excited about this change -- I really feel like I've found my place in the art world. I'm studying animation at Berkeley City College and at the Animation Collaborative, and am working everyday to see where my aesthetic lands, incorporating the classical skills I've spent a lifetime developing, with my own love of more expressive art.

I am doing a lot of digital painting, which is really fun, but maintaining my studio practice of drawing and painting from life as much as possible. I was recently accepted into a mentorship program hosted by Women in Animation at Pixar, which has been an incredible first step into this exciting field. I'm learning SO much about my new career choice, and feeling more confident every day that I am heading in the right direction. Stay tuned!